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Tower Marking Guidelines

Posted on November 11, 2021
Tower Marking - Paint As of 2019, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released new requirements for tower marking.  Any landowners are now required to mark any towers between 50′ to 200′ on their property.  Much of the guidance previously applied to only towers over 200′.  The contents of the FAA’s Advisory Circular (AC) dated 12/4/15 contains key points to consider on tower lighting and tower painting – regardless of height.  We will go over a
Rigid Line Tower Maintenance

Rigid Line – Tower Maintenance

Posted on October 25, 2021
Rigid Line Rigid line is a coaxial line formed by two copper tubes maintained concentric through the use of supports.  These rigid lines cannot be bent.  Elbow joints are often used when a straight path is not available.   Weatherproof flanges are used with rugged rigid line used outdoors, common with those installed in conjunction with antenna towers and masts.  Many times on towers the outer line is aluminum.  Aluminum saves on weight and cost.  But
Rust Bleed Through on Tower Paint

Tower Painting – Rust Bleed Through

Posted on October 8, 2021
Covering Up A Big Problem Do you see paint or parts of your tower that look like this? The paint is chipped away or bubbling off the metal. No longer providing a layer of protection from wind, rain and the elements. Commonly referred to as Bleed Through, this can happen to any painted surface. Unfortunately, many times the extent of the rust damage and spread is not 100% visible until the paint is removed. Tower
Using An Elcometer to Measure Paint Thickness
Tower Paint - An Investment Tower maintenance often includes the removal and reapplication of a fresh coat of paint.  Removal of rust and corrosion will protect the structural integrity of your tower.  The new paint will seal and protect.  This prevents further rust and corrosion ocurring on the substrate (underlying tower surface material).  New paint also allows you to avoid potential fines in the case of failing to maintain brightness standards as set forth by
Tower Painting Masking

Tower Painting – Masking the Area

Posted on August 24, 2021
Cover and Protect Each tower site is unique and requires planning.  Tower sites include parking lots, storage sheds, maintenance and supply depots, permanent fencing and any other assortment of additional structures.  Ensuring all structures are not coated in overspray or damaged in debris removal is an important step in the project plan. Tower maintenance may involve the removal and reapplication of fresh coats of paint.  Removal of rust and corrosion will protect your tower.  Fresh

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