Tower Painting Masking

Tower Painting – Masking the Area

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Cover and Protect

Each tower site is unique and requires planning.  Tower sites include parking lots, storage sheds, maintenance and supply depots, permanent fencing and any other assortment of additional structures.  Ensuring all structures are not coated in overspray or damaged in debris removal is an important step in the project plan.

Tower maintenance may involve the removal and reapplication of fresh coats of paint.  Removal of rust and corrosion will protect your tower.  Fresh paint will seal and protect the structural integrity of your tower.  This prevents further rust and corrosion.  New paint also allows you to avoid hefty fines in the case of failing to maintain brightness standards as set forth by the FAA.   


Tower Painting Masking

A key part of all tower painting projects involve the masking and covering of all areas where paint overspray and drips are a risk.  Thick plastic tarps and other coverings can protect additional structures found below and around your towers to be painted.  Ropes, cables and tape secure the coverings.  Taping protects smaller and specific sections.  Masking is one of the key steps when upgrading tower paint. 


Tower maintenance project plans and tower painting project plans include steps to ensure other people are aware of the work to be performed.  Signs and notifications are needed before, during and after the work is completed.  Temporary fencing and visible signage keep people away from areas that might be exposed to overspray.  The fencing and signs also ensure that any newly applied tower paint at ground level dries and cures undisturbed.

Project Plan for Success

When looking to upgrade your tower’s paint, bolts, hardware, guywires or other components, request a project plan as part of the bid.  Annual tower inspections will help you to know when the best time to perform needed tower maintenance and tower painting.  For more details on tower painting projects, visit

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