T.V. Antennas and Panels

TV Antennas and Panels

We install and maintain T.V. antennas and T.V. panels.  We have installed hundreds of antennas and panels across the nation.  Tower maintenance, repair and installation is what we specialize in.

Lighting Systems

Obstruction Light Replacement Lighting Tower System

We install new lighting systems as well as maintain, upgrade and replace existing lighting systems.

Tower Modifications

Tower Modifications 2

We install engineered structural reinforcing and modifications per design specifications.

FM Antennas and Panels

FM Antenna

We repair antennas and panels, performing the needed maintenance to ensure the longest usable life of your equipment and the equipment leasing space on your tower.

Stacking Towers

Crane Services Stacking Towers

We can stack towers up to 300′ utilizing crane services.

Grounding Systems

We perform repairs and replacement of critical grounding systems for towers of any height.


Dewatering processes can be performed at time of construction or on-going to remove water from a foundation pit.

Tower Realignment

Our services include plum and tension setting of guy-wires as well as guy-wire replacement when needed.

Other Services

Additional services offered include:

  • Sweep and optimization of existing tower systems
  • Bolt replacement
  • Addition of concrete caissons
  • Pad and pier upgrades
  • Complete site decommissioning
  • Site Restoration
  • Tower Audits and Inspections per TIA-222-G recommended inspection intervals

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Tower Inspections

Tower Inspection

Pro Tower Maintenance will inspect the condition of all anchors and foundations, the condition of the existing grounding system, guy wire tension, tower plumb. All appurtenances condition and proper installation will be confirmed.  We perform a visual inspection on the tower coating system and look for any corrosion of the structure, specifically focusing on all mounts attached to the tower.  The final inspection report will list any and all deficiencies with full photo documentation, antenna and appurtenances mapping with suggested urgency for each needed repair.