Rust Bleed Through on Tower Paint

Tower Painting – Rust Bleed Through

Rust Bleed Through on Tower Paint

Covering Up A Big Problem

Do you see paint or parts of your tower that look like this? The paint is chipped away or bubbling off the metal. No longer providing a layer of protection from wind, rain and the elements. Commonly referred to as Bleed Through, this can happen to any painted surface. Unfortunately, many times the extent of the rust damage and spread is not 100% visible until the paint is removed. Tower paint is a critical component to an effective tower maintenance program.  And when the time comes to get a fresh coat of paint there are a few key points to ensure that your investment in paint will last for as long as possible.

Surface Prep

The first step to ensuring the new paint adheres to the tower is to remove and clean the surface.  Metal surfaces can deteriorate with rust, calcium and other mineral deposits. This leads to the general degradation of old existing paint.  Sand blasting, scraping and removal of these materials are essential to allow the new paint maximum adhesion to the tower surface. 

Can't I Just Paint Over It?

Of course you can. But that will lead to a shorter protective life-span of your paint. And might cause wider spread rusting and structural degradation of your tower. Also different paints contain completely different chemical make-ups. As such, we recommend that your tower paint crew validates with the manufacturer the ideal surface preparation and application methods for that tower paint.

Bleed Through Rust - Tower Paint

Trust the Professionals

Some tower paint teams employ chemists on-staff to assess the surface of your tower as well as best match the paint required for such surface.  Painting and other needed tower maintenance checks, such as regular tower audits, will ensure your tower and the equipment collocated will be protected for years to come.

Monopole Tower Surface Preparation

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