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What is a Communication Tower Audit?

What is a Communication Tower Audit? Tower audits are inspections performed by professional companies who inspect, document and recommend maintenance actions to keep your tower and equipment in tip-top working condition.  Scheduling an annual audit is recommended.  An immediate or emergency inspection should be performed when any visual damage is noticed, especially after a storm or other event that affected the stability and safety of the tower.  Audits involve ground inspection as well as above-ground […]

Tower Climbers Safety Tips

TOWER CLIMBER SAFETY TIPS Tower climbers and other professionals in the elevated workforce are critical to the on-going maintenance and operation of communication towers around the world. Tower climbers perform several types of jobs, such as maintaining and repairing cell phone, microwave, radio or television towers. Each type of tower involves a slightly different approach and skill set required to perform the needed work. But one item is a constant across all towers and job […]