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What is Microwave Communication?

Microwaves and Communication Microwave communication technology is commonly used across the United States and elsewhere to provide reliable transfers of data used for TV stations, cell phone companies, wireless internet companies and many federal programs for defense communications.  In this article we will break down what constitutes a microwave (versus a radio wave or others waves) and how those are used in conjunction with communication towers. What’s a Microwave? By definition, a microwave is an […]

What is a Communication Tower Audit?

What is a Communication Tower Audit? Tower audits are inspections performed by professional companies who inspect, document and recommend maintenance actions to keep your tower and equipment in tip-top working condition.  Scheduling an annual audit is recommended.  An immediate or emergency inspection should be performed when any visual damage is noticed, especially after a storm or other event that affected the stability and safety of the tower.  Audits involve ground inspection as well as above-ground […]

What is Tower Maintenance?

What is Tower Maintenance? Tower maintenance is not a single event.  Inspections performed on a periodic and regularly scheduled basis is the most effective way to protect towers and the equipment collocated on those towers.  Ground level inspections can be quite effective especially when performed on a frequent basis or after significant weather storm.  On-tower inspections or drone inspections are also needed especially on tall towers to check wear, corrosion or slippage not viewable from […]