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What is Tower Maintenance?

What is Tower Maintenance? Tower maintenance is not a single event.  Inspections performed on a periodic and regularly scheduled basis is the most effective way to protect towers and the equipment collocated on those towers.  Ground level inspections can be quite effective especially when performed on a frequent basis or after significant weather storm.  On-tower inspections or drone inspections are also needed especially on tall towers to check wear, corrosion or slippage not viewable from […]

Spring Tower Cleaning 1000 Feet Above Ground

Spring Cleaning Your Tower – 1000 Feet Above the Ground The winter snows are melting and spring showers are bringing about flowers, green grasses and…rust.  That’s right, your towers have survived another long and harsh winter.  The cold winds, ice storms and abrasion from dirt and dust cause any tower structure to slowly wear and deteriorate.  Is your tower in need of some Spring cleaning – and perhaps a tower inspection?  Tower engineers and service […]