Spring Tower Maintenance

Spring Tower Cleaning 1000 Feet Above Ground

Spring Cleaning Your Tower - 1000 Feet Above the Ground

The winter snows are melting and spring showers are bringing about flowers, green grasses and…rust.  That’s right, your towers have survived another long and harsh winter.  The cold winds, ice storms and abrasion from dirt and dust cause any tower structure to slowly wear and deteriorate.  Is your tower in need of some Spring cleaning – and perhaps a tower inspection? 

Tower engineers and service technicians spend some of the most beautiful months of the year suspended hundreds of feet above ground.  Tower maintenance and tower painting happens 365 days a year – but many major tower projects are scheduled during nicer weather months.  

Spring Tower Maintenance

Tower Inspection?

Tower inspections can help you as an owner have peace of mind that your tower is in good operating condition.  And if there are any items that need maintenance,  repair or replacement – you know immediately.  Engineering reports with measurements and visual report indicators can help owners make the best decision of when to perform many tower maintenance procedures.

Many teams of tower professionals are able to perform other services as well – such as guy wire tensioning, lighting system upgrades, grounding system improvements and resurfacing/painting.


Out with the Old, In with the...

Lead Abatement projects are important in the management of communication towers built in years past.  Typically abatement services include project management of lead hazard reduction strategies, sampling for lead and post abatement clearance, paint removal, waste disposal as well as working with local community relations to ensure all involved parties are benefitted.

Spring tower maintenance may also include bolt inspection and replacement.  Television antenna upgrades or Radio or FM antenna maintenance can also be scheduled.    

If you have any questions or additional information regarding tower maintenance or tower painting, leave a comment below!

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