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Tower Painting – Rust Bleed Through

Covering Up A Big Problem Do you see paint or parts of your tower that look like this? The paint is chipped away or bubbling off the metal. No longer providing a layer of protection from wind, rain and the elements. Commonly referred to as Bleed Through, this can happen to any painted surface. Unfortunately, […]

New Tower Paint – Measuring Dry Film Thickness

Tower Paint – An Investment Tower maintenance often includes the removal and reapplication of a fresh coat of paint.  Removal of rust and corrosion will protect the structural integrity of your tower.  The new paint will seal and protect.  This prevents further rust and corrosion ocurring on the substrate (underlying tower surface material).  New paint […]

Tower Painting – Masking the Area

Cover and Protect Each tower site is unique and requires planning.  Tower sites include parking lots, storage sheds, maintenance and supply depots, permanent fencing and any other assortment of additional structures.  Ensuring all structures are not coated in overspray or damaged in debris removal is an important step in the project plan. Tower maintenance may […]

What is Microwave Communication?

Microwaves and Communication Microwave communication technology is commonly used across the United States and elsewhere to provide reliable transfers of data used for TV stations, cell phone companies, wireless internet companies and many federal programs for defense communications.  In this article we will break down what constitutes a microwave (versus a radio wave or others […]

What is a Communication Tower Audit?

What is a Communication Tower Audit? Tower audits are inspections performed by professional companies who inspect, document and recommend maintenance actions to keep your tower and equipment in tip-top working condition.  Scheduling an annual audit is recommended.  An immediate or emergency inspection should be performed when any visual damage is noticed, especially after a storm […]

Broadcast Antenna Decommission (Videos)

Broadcast Antenna Decommission Tower decommission projects and broadcast antenna decommission projects remove tower components and equipment.  Many projects include the removal of the tower structure itself along with the foundation. Even fencing and other site structures can be included.  Complete decommissioning can include the grading of property.  Grass seed planting can return the land to […]

What is Tower Maintenance?

What is Tower Maintenance? Tower maintenance is not a single event.  Inspections performed on a periodic and regularly scheduled basis is the most effective way to protect towers and the equipment collocated on those towers.  Ground level inspections can be quite effective especially when performed on a frequent basis or after significant weather storm.  On-tower […]